Friday, February 26, 2010

Really need to learn the language!

So it's been VERY slow going with getting my husband's paperwork complete for his citizenship! Today he let his mother know he needs a certified copy of HER birth certificate and marriage certificate. We figure the US wants to verify that they are not married for convenience, even though my FIL is not a US citizen and has been here for oh, 40+ years.  In the mean time...

I have a little party favor (cookie party favors) and party planning business (check it out: that I'm trying to turn into a BIG business. After going to a gazillion Italian weddings/birthdays/christenings/funerals/etc./etc. and seeing that at every event a favor is given-specifically referred to as Confetti Bomboniere- I thought adding those niche favors to my product line would be a great fit. (Is that the longest sentance ever??)

Internet research lead me to a company in where else, Italy, that actually has stores that solely sell these Confetti Bombonieres. I emailed for more information about getting the products imported here for resale or even opening a franchise. What do I get back?

A beautiful and quite polite reply ALL IN ITALIAN! Google Translate...not good enough to get the point across to me on what was trying to be said. I printed it out and today handed it to my FIL who then translated it and let me know that someone from the mother country will be phoning me.

I pray he/she speaks English!!!

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