Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mediterranean Comfort Food

I'm on a new schedule. The past few weeks I have been "working" nearly all day all night and at the end feeling like I was on a hamster wheel! I realized it is time to reel things in and get a grip!

Enjoy the moment. That is what I have been thinking about this week. Nothing is more important than what is happening right now! Take a stroll, just sit in a comfy chair with an espresso, sit on the floor and enjoy a tea party with my baby, turn off the electronics and talk with my husband.

As I was making dinner tonight it was very calming and joyful. I can't explain it...maybe I can. Maybe I am becoming Italian where it is the most important...from the inside out!

I am now going to sit and enjoy the flavors of my "Mediterranean Comfort Food".

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