Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Becoming Frugal

July we are doing a "No Spend Challenge". What does this entail? Well, we will decide on a bare bones minimum amount of money we will spend on things other than household expenses (mortgage, bills). I'm excited to get started! I ordered a delivery of the Chicago Tribune Sunday edition for a full year at an 80% discount with the sole purpose of the coupons in there. We are mapping out our monthly needs in food and other items and soon we'll start a list of things to do for free.

How does not spending money fit in with Becoming Italian? I have learned so far in this journey that to Become Italian it takes planning, prioritizing, persistence, and most of all starting close by and working our way towards the bigger goal. With this challenge I hope it draws us closer and we in turn become more focussed in our present and our future.

Stay tuned for progress updates!


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