Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mama Mia il cielo sta cadendo!

The sky is falling! Nothing chicken little about it, our kitchen ceiling came crumbling down (almost 100 year old home) so my hubby and his brother are up in the attic in the sweltering heat cleaning up all the crud so we can vault the ceiling and be done with it!

While they sweat some weight off I am updating blogs and planning for our Frugal month of July! Started collecting coupons, made a spreadsheet to keep track of grocery prices, determined how much cash we'll need to cover groceries, diapers, gas, and doctors also allotting about $50 extra for a just in case or emergency "we have to get out of the house" fund.

I anticipate lots of pasta, homemade pizzas, and antipasto eating for July! (Oh, and my new found talent at putting together some very delicious Mediterranean dishes!) Now back to planning...


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