Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garlic: the best smell EVER!

My daughter was awoken from her nap by the smell of roasting garlic permeating the entire house! What a great smell. If that doesn't scream Mediterranean, I don't know what does!

Tonight it's just me and B for dinner, the hubs is working 2nd shift. So I'm making us roasted garlic bulbs, spaghetti with meatballs (from Nonna!), and my homemade herbed focaccia.

I should put the red & white checkered tablecloth on the table to pull our dinner all together. Hmmm, maybe I'll require us to only speak what little Italiano we know.


  1. So, how did the Italian only dinner go? My little bella has picked up a few Italian words from a movie she's watched a dozen times. =) She can count to three. Love what you're doing with the language thing. It's the best time to learn it - for Bi, that is. Are you using any program for yourself - Rosetta or Pimslar? I'm always interested in what works for adults as they are learning a new language. =)

  2. Carm- the dinner went great and the roasted garlic was YUMMY! Yes, I am using the Pimslar program for my Italiano lessons. And I'm always asking my FIL to spell a word he uses so I can put it in my memory bank. He'll get annoyed by this sooner or later I'm sure! It's funny-right now I will ask Bi questions in Italian and she'll answer them only in English. Going through her italian pictionary is a hoot. I'll point and say the word in i
    Italian and when I tell her to ripetere per favore, she'll repeat in English!

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