Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's all about the dough

Onions, olives, cheese, sauce
Sauce & Cheese, Simple & Sinful
But the secret's in the sauce!

Pizza. We have it just as often as we have pasta. As of late, we've been making homemade pizzas and I will admit I don't mind if we never order delivery again!

For a few weeks my in-laws provided us with the premade pizza dough and last week the recipe for it was officially passed on to us!

Here's the recipe, try it for yourself!
1kg Flour
25 gram Salt
15 gram Sugar
40 gram Yeast
50 ml Olive Oil

Wake up the yeast in some warm water then mix all ingredients, knead, let rise. Cut into 4 wedges (Yep this makes 4 good sized pizzas), wrap in plastic wrap and freeze or knead and roll out to use immediately.

Barese sausage, onion, sauce, cheese

Onion, garlic, black olives, feta cheese.
Now you may be thinking, that's a pretty standard dough recipe, what makes it so great? Besides it being homemade, the entire pizza costing maybe $4 at the most, and the recipe passed on from an off-the-boat Italian, it's what goes on it that makes it wow!

My FIL insists on one particular sauce and it's not labeled Pizza Sauce. Nope, its canned Italian Tomato Sauce you find in your pasta aisle. It's a little runny, but well worth licking your fingers for!

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