Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 The Year of the Passports

2009 was the year of talk. My husband and I talked all year about applying for Italian citizenship so that one day we can run away and live and work somewhere far away and beautiful.

Well, with my father in law's green card and Italian birth certificate in our possession, the only thing holding us back from dual citizenship is the unclear paperwork path we must now encroach.

By the end of January my goal is to have my husband, Giuseppe's paperwork complete and sent off for approval. Then on to mine and our daughter's! From things I have read it may take me more than two years to get approved, especially since I am an American mutt with not an inkling of Italian lineage anywhere in my branches. The time is not a concern. I know our final goal and intend to fully appreciate, acknowledge, and enjoy the journey to fulfill it.

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