Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Foreshadow of things to come?

Is my distrubing dream from last night a possible forshadowing of things to come? Here it is:

My husband, daughter, and I flew over to Italy with 10 of his family members.  We stayed with family at a relative's remote farm far from everything.  For some reason there was no transportation to and from so we were stuck.  All that was happening was everyone just hanging out around the house and making tomato sauce on the stove in the big pots (gravy as they like to call it-but that's a whole other fight) . I kept trying to find my husband, everytime I called his cell a candle would light instead. His father told me he went to Egypt for the day. I got livid! How dare he go somewhere interesting and leave me here! After voicing my aggitation from watching tomatoes boil, his father proclaims "But these are Italian tomatoes!" And in my german temperment I stormed off proclaiming "a tomato is a tomato!".  When my husband got back from his excursion and after he shared his wonderful day I layed into him about leaving me there all day to do nothing. 

Then the alarm went off and I woke my husband up for him to go to work...I was a little mad at him though. :-)

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