Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is needed

Giuseppe's dad is an Italian citizen. So, all we need to get the paperwork started is the following (as taken from my new favorite website Italian Citizenship Assistance Program):

1) YOUR FATHER’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE from the “Comune” where your father was born, in “formato internazionale”, or in “estratto per riassunto" showing his parents names.

2) YOUR MOTHER’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE (see above or, if she was born in the U.S.A., request a “certified copy” or a “long form” or a “full form”).

3) YOUR PARENTS’ MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. If the marriage took place in Italy, the certificate must be obtained by the Comune). If it took place in the U.S.A., you must obtain a “certified copy” of the license and certificate and an “APOSTILLE” from the Secretary of State of the State in which it was issued; TRANSLATED INTO ITALIAN

4) A COPY OF YOUR FATHER’S CERTIFICATE OF NATURALIZATION or his Italian passport and permanent resident card.

5) YOUR CIVIL RECORDS: BIRTH CERTIFICATE, MARRIAGE CERTFICATE, BIRTH CERTFICATES OF CHILDREN UNDER 18; DIVORCE CERTIFICATE IF APPLICABLE. You must obtain a “certified copies” of “full form” or “long form” not abstract, of all certificates, authenticated with an APOSTILLE from the Secretary of State in which they were issued. The Certificates must be TRANSLATED INTO ITALIAN.

6) YOUR FATHER’S DEATH CERTIFICATE, if deceased, certified copy and legalized with APOSTILLE and TRANSLATED INTO ITALIAN.

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