Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's the hangup?

Good grief! Can my husband and I procrastinate any more on getting this Italian citizenship thing underway? We talked this weekend that by the end of THIS month he'll have the paperwork done and ready for submission. We will see about that.

I am continuing to have dreams of living abroad. That could be because of the craziness that has enveloped our lives. Here's a quick synopsis: After dealing with oh, let's say, 30 years of a not-so-healthy relationship with my mother I reached my end. Last week she put in writing her delusional craziness which propelled me out of my dysfunctional comfort zone and towards some long needed healing and refocussing. So I made the hard decision to not return to her business that I had been at for the past nine years and am unemployed for the first time in my life!

My husband and in-laws have been quite supportive and are relieved that I finally made the decision. They are relived but can't quite comprehend the whole thing. Italians don't do this type of thing.

So, it's 1am on Monday morning and I'm wide awake-not from stress of dealing with another's mental illness, no, I'm wide awake with excitement of this whole new world that has opened up for me. Ciao!

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